What is The Life Expectancy of an Awning?

Many people wonder if they buy an awning, and how long they can be used after installation. This question is not very good, because the life of the awning is affected by many factors. In general, the awning can be used for about ten years.

    We know that general awnings are outdoor items used to block the sun. The intensity of sunlight in many places is different, and it varies from season to season. When we talk about the life of the awning, it is difficult to generalize. Generally, if the awning is used all the year round, the life of the corresponding awning will be shortened, but the actual use time is constant. If the way you use the awning is correct, the awning product itself is qualified and we pay more attention to maintaining it, then the awning used throughout the year can be used for about 5-7 years.

    Many times we care about the life of the awning, and it is aimed at the merchants, but in fact, in addition to the quality of the products, the use and maintenance habits in the use process have a great relationship with the life of the awning. Some people use the awning to cover the rain, use the awning to cover the awning when the awning is wet, do not clean the awning in time, keep the awning in the windy weather, etc. These wrong The damage caused by the use of the awning is very large. Even a good quality awning does not use the correct method of use, and its life will not be very long.

    I want to block the glare and glare; I want to have bright and soft sunshine; I want to face the pleasant scenery outside the window. The curved arm awning series blocks a kind of sunlight, gives you a landscape, makes the sunshade and lighting meet harmoniously, and gives designers a new thinking of flexible and façade design. Outside the house, whether on the exterior wall, on the balcony, or in the courtyard, you can see the sunshade products, enjoy the art life, beautiful life! Already come to your side, the unique service for your tailor-made clothes, customized personalized products. * Designed for gardens and terraces to enhance the overall effect of the house * Meet different individual needs, compact structure * Easy installation, tailor-made size and fabric flower shape * Special rain gutter guide rain water time protection cover clean sky canopy Description: Sky screen sunshade Pong can shelter your house from the sun all year round. Summer is hot, it is the season in which it works. Whether it is a straight or curved house, Shanghai Dasong can be tailored for you.

Sunshine fabric features
1. Shading, light and ventilation. Eliminates up to 86% of solar radiation
2. Insulation.
3. UV-resistant sunshade fabric can withstand up to 95% UV.
4. Fire protection.
5. Moisture proof.
6. The size is constant.
7. Easy to clean.
8. Better color fastness.



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