Windows Awning

Windows Awning can be  open outward. Unlike a casement window, however, an awning window opens with a top hinge instead of a side hinge. Awnings are very popular and have many benefits over other styles of windows, such as improved ventilation, and design versatility. 

Advantage: Weather Proofing

Since awning windows open from the top, they create an awning effect (hence their name) and provide protection from the weather while still allowing for ventilation. They will allow little to no leakage from rain when open, so you can enjoy fresh air in your home or office, even when the weather is bad.

Advantage: Privacy and Security

As typically smaller windows, awnings can be installed higher up on the wall than many types of windows. Without compromising your privacy or safety, they still provide natural light and ventilation.  They are great in bathrooms and bedrooms their ease of use makes them perfect to add over a counter or sink.