What advantages shoud have for a high quality outdoor awnings?

1) It can prevent ultraviolet rays: the external sunshade function of outdoor awnings should completely block the ultraviolet radiation.

(2) It can be insulated and kept at a constant temperature. People still feel very hot even open the out air conditioning all the day on a hot summer day,  because the sun is shining directly into the house, sometimes even if the air conditioner is always in working, it will not be able to cool down well, so install an outdoor awning is very necessary to effectively block the temperature of the sun on the one side at least .

(3) It can keep out the rain: Since it is an outdoor awning, its rain-proof function is essential.

(4) It has excellent weather resistance.

(5) It has the function of blocking the line of sight.

(6) It can play a beautiful decorative role. Nowadays, many villas, cafes, hotels and bars are equipped with outdoor awnings, which not only exerts a good shading effect, but also  make the  the building looks more beautiful and gives everyone a better visual enjoyment.

(7) You can shade your house and make the outdoor natrual lighting make your mood more sunshine also.To be harmonious and unified. While sheltering the sun, it can also reflect the sunlight into the room in the form of diffused light, so that the indoor light is bright and not glare, and it does not affect the view of the window from the inside of the window, and extends people's living space from indoor to outdoor. To make the living space innovative. Go back to Sohu and see more


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